Prime Time is a brand new Membership type completely exclusive to the over 50s. It has been specifically designed to cater for those of you who mostly enjoy using the gym and swimming pool during the day. Not only has Eden created a time period that is convenient for you, we have also reduced the monthly fee so it is extremely affordable too!

Eden host classes bespoke to your age group to make your fitness regime fun and interactive whilst still gaining fantastic results.

Our gym team will show you how to safely use all of the equipment along with developing an exercise program to kick start your health and fitness campaign. If you need extra tuition, we have a selection of personal trainers who can create a tailor made program specific to your goals, interests and physiological make-up.


Benefits of regular exercise include

Reduced risk of heart disease

Lowered cholesterol

Reduction in body fat

Improved immune system

Sharpened mental state including
better memory and alertness

Boosted confidence


Prime Time Membership

  • Full Access to Eden Fitness Facilities

  • (Exclusive to Over 50’s – Entrance Times: 8.20am – 4.00pm )

  • Full Access to any Group Exercise Class within entry times

  • Exclusive Prime Time Classes (specifically designed for over 50’s) 

  • Complimentary Personalised Induction

  • Complimentary Personal Training Session


Pay Annually | £540

+ £60 Joining Fee


Pay Monthly | £54

+ £60 Joining Fee