Release your inner warrior with our signature high intensity and high energy workouts.

 Raise your heart rate and burn those calories

Raise your heart rate and burn those calories

 Sculpt and define your muscles with the best techniques. improve your strength,  balance, posture and general wellness.

Sculpt and define your muscles with the best techniques. improve your strength,  balance, posture and general wellness.

 Dance and Party your way to Fitness

Dance and Party your way to Fitness

 Improve your strength,  balance, posture & general wellness.

Improve your strength,  balance, posture & general wellness.

 Giving you the very best water workouts with the very best of instructors

Giving you the very best water workouts with the very best of instructors



There is nothing more motivating than group fitness classes and we have the very best for you as well as the most dedicated and inspirational instructors in West London. As a member you have unlimited access to over 80 superb classes every week fully included in your membership and New for Mid 2018 we will be adding a suite of 30 new Signature HIIT classes in 3 different Fitness Zones in Eden. The best just got better! membership where you have the choice how you use it, Book a signature class or have the choice of over 80 other classes use the gym or have a swim.

Class Details


A dynamic fusion of 50% aerobics and 50% body conditioning. 50/50 is a high energy high impact session combining aerobics and toning all in one class and suitable for all levels.

Aqua Fit 

Aqua Fit is suitablefor everyone, but is particularly beneficial for anyone returning to exercise or recovering from injury. It is an aerobic based class to music. The class will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness and help you tone up. 

Ballet Fit

An easy to follow ballet class combining the basics of ballet technique with the gracefulness of movement. Providing greater flexibility and improved muscle tone and posture. This is an all levels class and will provide you with the skill, technique and confidence to fully enjoy this classic and timeless dance form.

Body Blitz

Build a better body in just a few weeks with this great fat loss workout using dynamic body weight moves which are designed to sculpt and tone.


BODYPUMP™ is the barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast!


Work your whole body while relieving stress and empowering you. Improve core strength, hand-eye co-ordination, upper body strength and stamina.

Cardio Combat

This is a fun, lively class which is great for fat burning, muscle toning and stress relief. Varied workouts using weights and incorporating pad and rope routines.


A class combining aerobic and resistance exercise at a series of workstations.  Ideal for increasing strength, stamina & all round fitness while burning fat.

Eden Bootcamp

Eden bootcamp is a high energy, varied workout. This class is a full body workout which will burn calories and increase strength using a range of equipment and bodyweight exercises.

Fatburner & Body Toning

A workout designed to help tone, strengthen and reshape your body.  A combination of hand weights, resistance bands, bars and steps are the key tools used.

Hitt & Lift

"Hitt & Lift" is designed for all fitness levels. It combines weight training with bursts of high intensity interval training.  It is a great way to improve strength and endurance while toning the whole body.


A dynamic and enjoyable class where you’ll be throwing punches, kicks, elbows and knees safely into focus pads. Work on offence and defence principals using striking techniques derived from Boxing, Kickboxing, and other mixed martial arts. A proven fat burner and confidence booster you’ll be fitter, stronger and leaner in just a few weeks!


This class is a aerobic workout that aims to tone up your thighs, bum and stomach, great for those who want to lose weight or even for those who simply want to improve their fitness levels.


Pilates wakes up the lazy muscles and reins in the overzealous muscles which, if left uncontrolled are the source of postural problems, backache, muscle strain and fatigue. Benefits include a flatter stomach, improved posture, body awareness, flexibility and strength.


A high intensity and energetic workout to music including the use of hand weights, bar weights, steps and floor mats. Workout includes coordinated exercises or ‘Pump Sets’ designed to build muscle strength, muscle endurance and muscle tone.

Prime Time

This class is designed for those over 50. A mild intensity based aerobic class that is designed to improve balance, mobility, heart fitness and flexibility levels. Light to no impact finishing with a core workout and stretching.


Stretching can make a huge difference to our day to day posture as well as our sporting prowess. Increase your range of movement, decrease your risk of injury and improve your quality of life with PureStretch.

Salsa Step

Salsa step is a latin infused aerobic workout, incorperating step sequences and a whole lot of fun! This class will help you burn calories and tone up while time flys by.

Thai Chi

A Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for self-development, relaxation and is recognised as being good for stress, balance, blood pressure and general health.

Total Body Workout

This class is suitable for people of all levels and abilities. It is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness and body shape for a complete workout. Experience high-energy cardio training mixed with body sculpting using hand weights, body bars, floor mats and more.

Total Cardio

A revolutionary interval training class which improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and increases fat loss. The class incorporates Treadmills, Cross Trainers and Bikes gradually working to an interval peak. This method is proven to bring faster results and get you in shape quicker.

Ultimate Abs

This short and effective class features abdominal and back exercises that strengthen and tone the core postural muscles.

Yoga | Vinyasa Flow

A yoga style where movement between poses, is synchronised with the breath. The movements are smoothly flowing and almost dance-like. Physically, sweat expels toxins and re-energizes your body. Mentally, the synchronised breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy.

Yoga | Intensive Body Shaping

An active session to stretch and tone the body. Be prepared to work up a sweat! Suitable for all levels of yoga experience who want a dynamic demanding 75 minutes.

Yoga | Hatha

Gentle yoga to balance the left and right side of the body and to energise you for the day. Postures are held for longer than in the dynamic sessions, giving time to deepen into the posture and increase flexibility. Good for all levels including beginners.

Yoga | Dynamic

Dynamic yoga connects the breath to a flowing series of posture, building heat within the body and energizing you for the day.

Signature Classes

We have continually evolved over the last 10 years giving our members the very best of facility and experience and we will continue to do so in Mid 2018 by introducing a suite of New Eden Signature HIIT Classes which we believe prove themselves up with the very best London boutique HIIT Classes.

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Members will benefit from an inclusion of these in every membership category as well as an easy top up should they thirst for more. We will also be adding in an option to purchase Flexible Class Sessions for those who want the benefits of membership but to prefer to keep it casual. 





15:00-16:00 or 16:00-17:00 | £3.00 per child, per session.

Phone booking is required on the morning of the session.